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Invasive Species Management


Invasive species are plants that are not native to the land they inhabit. They began arriving with the first settlers, who brought medicinal, ornamental, and food plants with them. Since that time, the spread of invasive species has exploded. Kudzu, multiflora rose, autumn olive, chocolate vine, garlic mustard, and Japanese stilt grass are a few of the invasive species that are causing a new array of problems in our forests. Today, harmful invasive species are changing the character of our natural ecosystems by displacing native plants, impacting native wildlife habitat, and increasing soil erosion. In fact, the Chief of the USDA Forest Service identified invasive species as one of the four critical threats to our nation's ecosystems. Often, controlling invasive species is the make-or-break factor in the effectiveness of a management plan.

SRM creates and implements long-term management plans for our clients so that a balanced and diverse forest system is free to grow and develop. Utilizing a variety of strategies to control invasive species, we specialize in “wearing out” root systems as an alternative to harmful herbicides. Our most famous tool is using goats to reduce the biomass and make the site easier to begin managing. For more information on using goats please click here.