Sustainable Resource Management, Inc. was founded on the belief that a partnership among humans and nature is needed to shape a healthy future for the forests of today. Interactions between landowners, forest products operators and other environmentally concerned individuals must allow for the continuing exploration and discovery of sustainable forestry practices. Brian Knox provides a wide variety of educational services through workshops and public speaking that facilitate such interactions and thus promote a more sustainable way of life.

Education and Training

  • Sustainable Woodlot Management

  • Sustainable Silviculture

  • Crop Tree Release

  • Invasive Species Control

  • Establishing Boundary Lines

  • Tree Identification

  • Road and Trail Layout

  • Water Quality Protection

  • Overstory and Regeneration Assessment

  • Professional Logger Training:

    Forest product operators today are under tremendous pressure to meet the demands of rising fuel costs, environmental regulation, workers compensation costs, forest fragmentation, development and more. In order to maintain a competitive edge (or simply stay in business), operators need to continuously hone their skills and knowledge. SRM is the Mid-Atlantic and Southern Regional Coordinator for the Hardwood Value Improvement Project as well as offering workshops in Crop Tree Release and Sustainable Silviculture to forest operators interested in developing sustainable forestry practices. As more and more landowners insist upon sustainable forestry, those trained to expertly care for the forest even as they harvest it will be in high demand.

  • Other Topics By Request

Lectures and Speaking

  • Sustainability. It's Where We Start

  • Sustainable Forest Management

  • Invasive Species

  • Seeing the History In the Trees

  • Road and Trail Layout 

  • Effects of Wildlife on Forests Today

  • Logging: A Controlled Natural Disaster

  • Other Topics By Request